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Rippln App – “Here’s Why I’m Excited About Rippln!”

I’ve had a lot of people ask me why I joined Rippln, so today I  wanted to share that with you. If you can’t tell…I’m just a little bit excited.  I’ve become very passionate about social media and the new social era that we’re in. There has never been a time in history when we […]

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I’ve NEVER Been More Impressed and WOWED in My Entire Life…

This post might sound boring at first, but stick with me because it will be worth it.  Last Thursday evening, May 2nd, my Internet Lifestyle community had a webinar. The title of the webinar was, “Vincent Ortega Jr. Asks 20 Year Old Brett Bouchy How His Team Is On Pace For 20,000 People In Their Ripple In […]

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Sippin and Rippln April 26th Replay – Get 100 People Into Your Ripples in Just a Few Days!

I had the honor of being invited to join this incredible group of leaders on this webinar. I know you’ll find some amazing value in it… Here’s what my friend Vincent Ortega Jr. (6-figure earner) said after the webinar. ============================================= This is the sippin and rippln replay from April 26th, 2013. There is so much […]

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Get Your Rippln Invite From Me ASAP!

Imagine if Facebook, Angry Birds or Instagram paid you every time you shared their platform with others… well… this new viral app company is about to do just that! Watch the video above and get back with me on what you think. I only have 5 private invite codes right now. So simply fill out the form […]

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